Crisis Management

Handling extreme situations means balancing speed and careful consideration. Behaving the right way in a crisis calls for decades of experience and an awareness that every crisis follows a certain logic. We have extensive experience in dealing with crises – at both national and international level, in the corporate sector and on the political stage. We are masters of crisis communication – the supreme communication discipline – to a degree that is practically unrivalled.

Strategic consulting. Media management. Team management.

Media Training

Johannes has prepared politicians, CEOs and top manager for more than 200 TV appearances and is a leading expert in readying high-performers for adrenalin-filled situations.

Public speaking and camera training. Mental preparation. Personal support on the ground. Media relations 101. Proactive media management.


Decades of experience in polling enables us to deploy the right tools for the job when it comes to surveys, yielding effective data with which we can actually work.

Data analysis. Poll design. Developing focus groups.

Social Media

The digital world has already brought about a seismic shift in the way that opinions and political beliefs are formed and shaped. Not to mention the structures and processes for generating political support and encouraging debate. This is why companies, policymakers and organisations need to develop skills in digital and data-based communication.

Digital transformation. Content strategy. Targeting. Data & polling.

Strategy Set-up

Knowing who you are, what you want and why people should listen to you – this is the foundation of every communication activity. We take an authentic story and a healthy pinch of disruption and use it to build a robust and resilient framework for your brand.

Developing a game plan.


We work with the team, not only with the management. We bring the team together, build it into a powerful task force and accompany it through the daily nitty-gritty.

Team building. Process development. Training on the job.